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Sig Sauer 290

Are you looking for a great self-defense, fire-arm? This week on John’s Corner we’re checking out the Sig Sauer 290! This is a great fire-arm that is compact, comes with 2 mags, has an easy slide back action, has night-sight, double action only, with semi-auto...
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Smith & Wesson 642

Are you looking for a light-weight, self-defense firearm? This week on John’s Corner we’re checking out the Smith & Wesson 642! This gun weighs in a super light 15 ounces. It’s perfect for on-the-go travel, and compact enough to store in a glove compartment...
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WorkSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Can you say Best Father’s Day Gift, Ever! Ok, now try saying it FAST 3 times… Kidding. This week on John’s Corner we’re checking out the WorkSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener. It’s the perfect gift for the dad who has everything. Seriously this thing...
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Beretta Shotguns

Learn more about Beretta Shotguns from John at Glick Twins! Watch the video and come on in to Glick Twins today to pick up your Beretta Shotgun! Dove season is right around the corner, stay tuned to our website for more info. The day anything is released we will have our...
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Deer Season 2014

Deer season is coming!  In fact, Deer season starts November 1st and we’re all getting ready. Do you need to stock up on some ammo, or are maybe looking for a better rifle? Also, don’t let your scope stop you! If not used, over time it could lose accuracy. Swing by...
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2014 Dove Season Set

Its that time of year again.  Dove season starts September 6th and we’re all getting ready. We all know how important a good shotgun is. I can’t tell you how many times people come in just days before Dove season starts with old shotguns that haven’t been lubed...
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Caldwell AR15 Mag Charger

The Caldwell AR15 Mag Charger is changing the way ammo is loaded! This works with .223, .204 and 5.56! Works with all magazines. So pick one up today at Glick Twins, and we can show you how it works right there in the store!
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Deer Season 2013

Its that time of year again.  Deer season starts November 2nd and we’re all getting ready. Feeder motors get switched out, rifle scopes get replaced and ammo gets purchased.  Speaking of ammo, there is still a shortage going on and many hunters are faced with the situation...
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September 1st and 2nd, Sunday and Monday, kicks off  the first weekend of the 2013 dove season in south Texas. We have heard some complaints about Monday {labor day} due to many folks having to work that day thus missing half of the opening weekend. The state, in its infinite...
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